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Get More Youthful Skin with Us

Find out more about the different dermatological procedures that could rejuvenate your skin.

While we are all wishing that someone would just find that Fountain of Youth already, we know that this isn’t the most practical wish. youthful skinFortunately, there are more practical wishes like finding the right cosmetic treatment to improve the health and appearance of your skin. You may feel as if that ship has sailed but it hasn’t. Our Tipton, Batesville and Indianapolis, IN, dermatologist, Dr. Sonya Campbell Johnson, offers an amazing variety of cosmetic options to erase years off your skin.

Botox: This purified neurotoxin can be safely used in small amounts to temporarily paralyze certain muscles in the face to smooth out wrinkles and lines caused by facial expressions. Those with crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and laugh lines will respond best to Botox. Through a series of thin needles our Tipton, Batesville and Indianapolis skin doctor can easily reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles for up to six months.

Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers are a great way to restore volume back into aging, sagging skin. As we age we lose elasticity in our skin but our dermal fillers can temporarily restore fullness. With this treatment, we can erase wrinkles, reduce the appearance of scars, enhance shallow areas of the skin and plump up thinning lips.

Sclerotherapy: Varicose veins can cause unsightly cosmetic issues. Fortunately, this simple medical treatment can eliminate both varicose and spider veins. Injecting a solution into the veins can cause the veins to collapse, which the body will reabsorb. The procedure only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete and the number of injections you receive will depend on the location and size of the veins.

Photorejuvenation: During this minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, lasers are used to reduce the appearance of certain skin conditions like wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tone and texture. By causing microtears to the skin we stimulate the body’s natural healing response so that new healthy skin cells are formed.

Do you want to look years younger? Ready to improve your skin during the New Year? Then get a new you when you turn to Dermatology Associates in Tipton, Batesville and Indianapolis, IN, today.

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