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Mirvaso: Reducing Rosacea’s Redness

Chaucer, Shakespeare, Antoine Muret: historical creatives who all captured Rosacea in either prose or paint. This shows the characteristic redness and inflammation of the face has been around for ages, dating back to the 1300’s. While it was often said Rosacea is due to alcohol mistreatment, this information is false. Instead, it is a heredity disease that cannot be predetermined. Luckily, the FDA recently approved of a prescription called Mirvaso proven to help relieve symptoms.

Srosacea symptoms on cheekymptoms of Rosacea

Rosacea is a face of many symptoms that differ in severity for each person. While more women suffer from this chronic facialcondition, men tend to experience the worst symptoms. The disease usually begins around the age of 30 with reddening skin. It is not consistent and as time passes, the redness gets ruddier. You may notice small veins appearing and if you do not seek treatment, symptoms begin to worse. Then, the Rosacea can cause acne-like pimples, eye irritation, and swelling.

What is Mirvaso?

Instead of using thick makeup every day, Mirvaso let’s your skin breathe. It is the first drug developed specifically for Rosacea that has full FDA approval.  Mirvaso is a topical gel containing two percent Brimonidine. This active ingredient is what makes the drug stand out from others. It doesn’t hide the Rosacea, rather in as few as 30 minutes it begins to reduce the symptoms. Mirvaso can last for up to 12 hours. Like all drugs, Mirvaso does have side affects that you should discuss with your dermatologist. For many Rosacea sufferers, though, there may now be relief.

Natural Remedies and Rosacea

Along with Mirvaso, there are many natural remedies you can use to lessen Rosacea. If you haven’t already, start maintaining a journal noting severity of symptoms, foods eaten, and activities. After a few bouts, you may see what your triggers are. Common triggers for others include alcohol, hot baths or showers, sun, and emotional stress. Once you know these, you can make lifestyle changes to avoid the triggers as much as possible. You may need to, for example, use lukewarm water and wear sunscreen daily.

Some people with Rosacea are embarrassed due to the redness and irritation on the face. If you utilize the lifestyle changes along with the Mirvaso, you may find you have extremely infrequent symptoms. You shouldn’t need to hide your face and, together, your dermatologist can help you find the best treatment options so you don’t have to. Contact Dermatology Associates to get control of your beautiful skin. 

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