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Wrinkles and Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments for Facial WrinklesOnce upon a time, wrinkles were illustrations of life’s struggles. Then, people realized they didn’t want to see reminders of struggle and aging each time they looked in the mirror. While wrinkles are still a completely normal part of getting old, you don’t need the reminders. Instead of Botox, there are new laser treatments available your dermatologist can recommend to deter those pesky lines.


Cause of Wrinkles and Their Treatments

As your skin ages, it becomes thinner and more fragile. The elasticity loosens and your skin is unable to tighten. This naturally causes wrinkling. UV Rays from the sun along with aging further the damage that is done. You may even experience premature wrinkles if you smoke, are hereditary inclined, or based on skin type. There are a number of treatments your dermatologist can recommend based on your skin and needs. The less invasive are chemical peels and microdermabrasion. You can also have fillers or plastic surgery. Laser resurfacing, though, combines the results of plastic surgery without the invasive tactics.


Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Laser Photo Rejuvenation utilizes a small laser placed against your skin. A medication called Levulan is placed on your skin an hour before the procedure. Your dermatologist then uses the laser to pulse light against your skin. Your skin absorbs the light and it helps it heal. Along with wrinkles, the process can help reduce sun damage and brown spots that may age you. This procedure takes multiple treatments and may be slightly uncomfortable. The results, though, leave many patients highly satisfied.


PEARL Fractioned Laser

A new treatment, PEARL Fractioned Laser uses one small laser to treat signs of aging. You have new skin layers below the epidermis just waiting to grow. It is full of collagen, which means it is thicker and elastic. During the treatment, a single laser is used to burn a small hole in your skin to encourage the new, undamaged skin to grow. As it does, your complexion improves and skin perfections like wrinkles are removed. PEARL Fractioned Laser treatment is advanced technology that offers fast results. Rather than multiple sessions, you will most likely need only one. Results can be seen immediately and only improve after a week and the months when the new skin fills in.


You don’t need to be dissatisfied by wrinkles on your face or hands anymore. Technology has improved that allows your dermatologist to eradicate the deep lines and improve your skin. While each treatment is not for everyone, a trained doctor can help you come up with the right treatment plan. Contact Dermatology Associates today for your consultation or to find more information about the laser treatments offered. 

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