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Treat Your Legs with Laser Hair Removal

Would you like to make shaving or waxing a thing of the past? If so, it’s time to get excited about laser hair removal. Tipton, Batesville, and Indianapolis, IN, residents can receive these services from Dr. Sonya Campbell Johnson at Dermatology Associates. Advanced technology makes the process faster and more effective than ever. Keep reading to see what you can expect when giving your legs the ultimate treat.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

At any given time, about 90% of the hairs on your body are in the growth phase. Of the remaining 10%, most are in the resting phase and a small percentage are somewhere in between these two phases. Those in the growth phase contain a dark pigment known as melanin.

For permanent hair removal, a handheld device emitting lasers is moved over the skin. Those lasers are attracted to melanin, so they directly target hairs in the growth phase. The hairs are immobilized at the root, so the growth phase is interrupted permanently.

Technology has made this process far more comfortable and effective. You can now get excellent results regardless of your skin tone. It doesn’t even matter if you have a good tan when you come in for treatment.

Give Up the Razors for Good

Have you heard that laser hair removal is only semi-permanent? That is no longer true, thanks to advances in this field of technology. You can think of it more as a hair “reduction” process because you can’t eliminate all hair growth on your legs with one treatment.

Remember, about 10% of your hair is out of the growth stage at any given time. Those hairs will enter the growth phase at some point after treatment. The handheld device may also not hit every hair that is actively growing at the time of treatment.

That is why most people need sessions to accomplish the complete elimination of actively growing hairs. You can expect better results each time you visit our office for hair removal in Tipton, Batesville, or Indianapolis, IN.

Hair Removal Personalized to Your Needs

How many sessions will you need to ditch the razors for good? That depends on your body and the characteristics of your hair. Experienced professionals will set your treatment protocol according to your needs and the results you achieve after each session. This is a personalized process designed to deliver maximum results in as few sessions as possible.

To further discuss laser hair removal in Tipton, Batesville, Indianapolis, IN, call Dr. Johnson at Dermatology Associates today. Call (317) 257-1484 to reach our Indianapolis office, (800) 303-3228 to reach our Batesville office, or (765) 675-1410 to reach our Tipton office.  

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