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Whether you live in Los Angeles, California or Indianapolis, Indiana, it is important to have a yearly skin examination. The dangerous sunrays can affect your skin through cloudy and snowy as well as bright and warm days. Though genetics may make you a higher risk, anyone is susceptible to melanoma and skin cancer. Your skin examination is the best method offered to detect possible cancers early.

How Skin Examinations are Performed

A skin examination is simple, quick, and painless. It begins with a conversation between you and your dermatologistto find out if you noticed any skin or mole changes. Afterward, the doctor will leave the room so you have privacy while changing into a gown. You generally are asked to remove all clothes except your underwear. When you are ready, your doctor enters and starts the skin examination. The hands are looked are, followed by the arms, feet, legs, stomach, and face. He then combs through your hair to look for any skin abnormalities on the scalp. Once the front of your body is examined, you flip to your stomach so he can examine your back. During the examination, your dermatologist may bring out a small magnifying glass and measuring tool for a closer look.

What a Dermatologist Looks for and Does

Your doctor is going to look for skin abnormalities that may be or become cancerous. These are generally found in moles with irregular borders, discoloration, or raised growth. Sunspots or other problem skin is also noted. If a mole has two of these three characteristics, it will most likely be removed. Depending on your dermatologist’s concern level, he may simply take pictures of the mole to compare at a later date. This will determine if there are changes occurring. A biopsy, or mole removal,is generally a quick five-minute process. The spot is numbed through an injection and then he will quickly cut it out. Larger moles may need to be removed at a later date if stitches are required.  

Skin Cancer Check Table

Skin Cancer Statistical Information

In research completed in the United Kingdom, it was found that one in three patients who acquired melanoma found it secondary to other concerns because yearly skin examinations were not performed. Other interesting statistics in term of skin examinations include

  • Up to 63 percent decreased mortality rate from skin examination
  • Most common skin cancer is Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Over 3.5 million skin cancerdiagnosis each year
  • Approximately 76,600 diagnoses are melanoma
  • More than 9,000 of 12,000 skin cancer deaths are melanoma
  • Up to 98 percent 5-year survival rate when melanoma is found early

A skin examination is a simply procedure that can save your life. Along with your dermatologist, perform a self-examination every few months. Whether you want a specific mole removal or a head to toe check, contact Dermatology Associates today to set up an appointment for your examination. 

Laser Treatments for Facial WrinklesOnce upon a time, wrinkles were illustrations of life’s struggles. Then, people realized they didn’t want to see reminders of struggle and aging each time they looked in the mirror. While wrinkles are still a completely normal part of getting old, you don’t need the reminders. Instead of Botox, there are new laser treatments available your dermatologist can recommend to deter those pesky lines.


Cause of Wrinkles and Their Treatments

As your skin ages, it becomes thinner and more fragile. The elasticity loosens and your skin is unable to tighten. This naturally causes wrinkling. UV Rays from the sun along with aging further the damage that is done. You may even experience premature wrinkles if you smoke, are hereditary inclined, or based on skin type. There are a number of treatments your dermatologist can recommend based on your skin and needs. The less invasive are chemical peels and microdermabrasion. You can also have fillers or plastic surgery. Laser resurfacing, though, combines the results of plastic surgery without the invasive tactics.


Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Laser Photo Rejuvenation utilizes a small laser placed against your skin. A medication called Levulan is placed on your skin an hour before the procedure. Your dermatologist then uses the laser to pulse light against your skin. Your skin absorbs the light and it helps it heal. Along with wrinkles, the process can help reduce sun damage and brown spots that may age you. This procedure takes multiple treatments and may be slightly uncomfortable. The results, though, leave many patients highly satisfied.


PEARL Fractioned Laser

A new treatment, PEARL Fractioned Laser uses one small laser to treat signs of aging. You have new skin layers below the epidermis just waiting to grow. It is full of collagen, which means it is thicker and elastic. During the treatment, a single laser is used to burn a small hole in your skin to encourage the new, undamaged skin to grow. As it does, your complexion improves and skin perfections like wrinkles are removed. PEARL Fractioned Laser treatment is advanced technology that offers fast results. Rather than multiple sessions, you will most likely need only one. Results can be seen immediately and only improve after a week and the months when the new skin fills in.


You don’t need to be dissatisfied by wrinkles on your face or hands anymore. Technology has improved that allows your dermatologist to eradicate the deep lines and improve your skin. While each treatment is not for everyone, a trained doctor can help you come up with the right treatment plan. Contact Dermatology Associates today for your consultation or to find more information about the laser treatments offered. 

Chaucer, Shakespeare, Antoine Muret: historical creatives who all captured Rosacea in either prose or paint. This shows the characteristic redness and inflammation of the face has been around for ages, dating back to the 1300’s. While it was often said Rosacea is due to alcohol mistreatment, this information is false. Instead, it is a heredity disease that cannot be predetermined. Luckily, the FDA recently approved of a prescription called Mirvaso proven to help relieve symptoms.

Srosacea symptoms on cheekymptoms of Rosacea

Rosacea is a face of many symptoms that differ in severity for each person. While more women suffer from this chronic facialcondition, men tend to experience the worst symptoms. The disease usually begins around the age of 30 with reddening skin. It is not consistent and as time passes, the redness gets ruddier. You may notice small veins appearing and if you do not seek treatment, symptoms begin to worse. Then, the Rosacea can cause acne-like pimples, eye irritation, and swelling.

What is Mirvaso?

Instead of using thick makeup every day, Mirvaso let’s your skin breathe. It is the first drug developed specifically for Rosacea that has full FDA approval.  Mirvaso is a topical gel containing two percent Brimonidine. This active ingredient is what makes the drug stand out from others. It doesn’t hide the Rosacea, rather in as few as 30 minutes it begins to reduce the symptoms. Mirvaso can last for up to 12 hours. Like all drugs, Mirvaso does have side affects that you should discuss with your dermatologist. For many Rosacea sufferers, though, there may now be relief.

Natural Remedies and Rosacea

Along with Mirvaso, there are many natural remedies you can use to lessen Rosacea. If you haven’t already, start maintaining a journal noting severity of symptoms, foods eaten, and activities. After a few bouts, you may see what your triggers are. Common triggers for others include alcohol, hot baths or showers, sun, and emotional stress. Once you know these, you can make lifestyle changes to avoid the triggers as much as possible. You may need to, for example, use lukewarm water and wear sunscreen daily.

Some people with Rosacea are embarrassed due to the redness and irritation on the face. If you utilize the lifestyle changes along with the Mirvaso, you may find you have extremely infrequent symptoms. You shouldn’t need to hide your face and, together, your dermatologist can help you find the best treatment options so you don’t have to. Contact Dermatology Associates to get control of your beautiful skin. 

September 21, 2012
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